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The Graduate Certificate in Internal Auditing (GradCertIA) is a postgraduate professional education program for those seeking to establish or further a career in internal audit, governance and risk.

"We are strongly encouraging each member of our team to undertake the GradCertIA. It provides fundamental professional development in the field of Internal Auditing, is relevant to the Australian governance landscape and grows our “work ready” talent internally. The skills developed through the program are practical and provide candidates with opportunities to build on previous experiences in associated fields of expertise and assimilate content quickly".



Director, Pacifica Chartered Accountants

The GradCertIA course consists of four compulsory modules worth 6 credit points each, delivered in distance mode. The first three modules are technical/skills based while the final module focuses primarily on practical application of learned principles in workplace contexts, as well as professional, interpersonal and management skills. The four modules are:

  • Module 1 - Risk Based Internal Auditing 
  • Module 2 - Legal and Regulatory Environment
  • Module 3 - Organisational Systems and Processes 
  • Module 4 - Professional in Practice

Who should apply?

Professionals seeking to establish or further develop a career in internal audit, governance and risk


The GradCertIA equips graduates with the knowledge, skills and values identified as essential for a professional internal auditor. Graduates will be well informed of the key elements within the IIA Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) and the associated International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF).

Practitioners with or without an undergraduate degree

Each module is delivered in distance mode and candidate learning will be supported by a comprehensive Module Learning Pack; a web-based learning portal; webinars and small group cohorts of candidates.

Candidates requiring flexibility as the course is conducted via distance learning


"The GradCertIA is one of these great investments in the members of my team. It provides the language and deep understanding as well as a framework. It is practical like training, yet it provides them with the technical knowledge and the concepts and frameworks as expected of an academic education that builds a career. The GradCertIA challenges the thinking of its students in a practical way and makes it directly applicable in the workplace. It links very well into other training provided by the Institute of Internal Auditing.

Westpac will continue to partner with the Institute of Internal Auditing - Australia.".

Rob Sweitser PMIIA CIA

Former Chief Audit Executive Westpac Banking Corp

Organisations who want to develop an internal audit team that will take a comprehensive view of the business and the environment in which it operates

Learning Outcomes

Course Structure

What is GradCertIA?

Course Delivery

The GradCertIA program is designed to impact fundamental knowledge and skills in the field of internal auditing and is relevant across the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors. The program is fully accredited by the higher education regulatory body in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework.